Often, people can’t seem to break their routines.  Though it would be easily done, something prevents their change.
The world is in a constant state of change, so I doubt that it’s the culprit.  The body is always changing, and it’s effects are obvious.
The mind is changing, but we have the capacity to ignore that one.  In order to fulfill our wish for permanence, we leverage where we can.  Willful ignorance wouldn’t seem real without imagining that it was not chosen.

And thus our self-hypnosis begins—the unfortunate aim is self-delusion and schizophrenia.
We are what we habituate.

Hypnotize yourself often with positive thinking, or let your lower, reptilian brain control you…
#MyReprogramming #Impermanence #avidya #ignorance #hypnosis #self–hypnosis #mind

Author: CGBuckner

Christopher Buckner attended several colleges in the Western Washington area, and studied philosophy at University of Washington. He has a history of entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical philosophy, exploration, and grandiose undertakings. He has two children, Tyler and Jaina, which live with their mother in California.

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