If I get slightly less sleep than I want, repeatedly create, and fill my brain with positivity, I get a little off the chain.
The first time this teen-wolf action occurred, I had just started a business, was deep into philosophy during my junior year at UW, and had my 10 and 8 year old kids visiting for their month with me in July. “Time to expand your world-view, guys.”  We sailed to Canada and back, went biking and hiking, and they went with me, one a time, on service calls.  It was a fantastic finish.

Two weeks later, I was in jail, had a broken rib or two, and had my kids taken back by their mother.

After explaining to my kids the many virtues of courage and doing the right thing, even though it’s usually harder, I decided to call my mom.  Though she’s let herself get into the habit of being pretty mean and nasty, both to others and herself, I had largely made the decision to break contact with her in solidarity with my even further abused younger brother.  

I called her and said, “I stopped talking to you for a reason; you’re destructive, and I couldn’t deal with it.  I forgive you and want a relationship with you, but I need you to respect my boundaries.”

She agreed, and was moved to tears at me reconnecting with her.

I continued, “I’ve been rethinking a lot of things, lately.  And I feel pressured by dad’s side of family to believe that you’re crazy or something.  It’s possible that that your aggressive nature got them to label you as a monster, and any defense would add to their previously-held beliefs.”

Well, that undermining of the family’s party line, plus my silver-tongue, philosophical training, and ridiculous energy, led papa to justify attacking me and breaking two of my ribs, in front of my children.  Next to have me arrested for domestic violence, uniting with my grandfather to say that I attacked each of them.  Naturally the police didn’t like my panicked and trying to be strong attitude, so four of them beat the shit out of me, also in front of my kids.
Phew.  They’re gonna have some stories…
The event was used to leverage away all my custody and my tiny visitation time.
It’s been kind of a devastating five years.
Part of the time period has been learning to control my werewolf nature, and that has been an exciting journey.  I’ve done amazing thing and advanced in amazing ways, I only hope I get to pass down a bridle to Tyler and Jaina.
Jaina just became a teenager.
Look out,
#Hypomania #teenager #werewolf #overclocking #noncustodial #moms #dads #growth #courage #kids #passthetorch #nopolicerecord #falsecharges #policebrutality #dadbrutality #domesticviolence

Author: CGBuckner

Christopher Buckner attended several colleges in the Western Washington area, and studied philosophy at University of Washington. He has a history of entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical philosophy, exploration, and grandiose undertakings. He has two children, Tyler and Jaina, which live with their mother in California.

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