Myths have been defined as: Useful metaphors for working with the unknown.

No scientific knowledge is actually proved; merely disproved.  

Our positive view of what the world is, and how it functions, operates on pragmatic grounds.  After time with a working hypothesis, the tendency is to assume it to be a law. This ends the scientific endeavor prematurely, and can be avoided by simply recognizing the truth of science: it’s another set of myths.
Because I recognize the limitations of my own capacity to operate my mind and understand this world, I am a functional pragmatist.  I love myths, and I search for them across cultures and time.  I also recognize them for what they are, keeping them in their place, and allowing my sense of wonder to freely use the scientific method as a true scientist. 
It takes courage to walk without the false sense of security that certain knowledge provides, but when did we start choosing comfort and security over amazement and discovery?
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Author: CGBuckner

Christopher Buckner attended several colleges in the Western Washington area, and studied philosophy at University of Washington. He has a history of entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical philosophy, exploration, and grandiose undertakings. He has two children, Tyler and Jaina, which live with their mother in California.

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