Big Chris, Little Chris

It was revealed to me, that I’m a cell making up a hand, that’s slapping into an almost unimaginably larger me, on the next level up.
Seeing the tear that exposes both realities, can be accomplished by seeing and focusing on everything at once (wide eyes).  On a daily basis we narrow our gaze and block everything else out, in order to focus and get the job done; a natural schizophrenia.
I’m a cell, but one that stands up to authority and goes my own way, despite the fact that my life choices cause and continue to cause me, immense pain.

I have similar programming to most, but with variations—there are things that are not the mainstream, but I’m very clearly the path to flourishing and avoidance of death.

I’m a cancer cell; without the resistance of all the other cells, I would likely change everything, and we’d die.
Cancer as we experience it, is the manifestation of normal and healthy mutating cells, adapting the body to an ever-changing environment, but without the properly balanced resistance of the body’s healthy cells. An imbalance toward cancer can be produced by either too much change in environment, creating amplified mutation, or it can be produced by a weakening of the mainstream cells.  
The alternative would be if mainstream cells dominated and eradicated mutative cells; without being able to mutate we would die.
I fix as I see fit, and you guys resist; we both get equally stronger and grow together.
Big Chris is as healthy as me, on this level, because here, I and my environment are dancing flawlessly.  And the little Chris’s that make up my body, are as healthy as me on this level because here, I and my environment are dancing flawlessly.  Little old me has the power to change an infinite number of levels bigger, and an infinite number of levels smaller, though I cannot directly perceive them.
I love you, with the way that I live, Big Chris and Little Chris, clearly I do.
“As above, so below.”
“It’s Turtles all the way down”
#Cancer #god #growth #love #balance #cancerislife #cells #mutation #change #psychedelic #tripping

Author: CGBuckner

Christopher Buckner attended several colleges in the Western Washington area, and studied philosophy at University of Washington. He has a history of entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical philosophy, exploration, and grandiose undertakings. He has two children, Tyler and Jaina, which live with their mother in California.

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