Let’s Jam!

Let’s Jam! is an interactive, field oriented exercise, aimed at encouraging everyone to get playing together.

I’d like to turn Let’s Jam into a business, which sets up and coaches private parties, and often is all set up on the street to get passersby playing.

Four phases:

Private events.

Public street jams.

I’m working on a kids’ album, free for download, and will make youtube tutorials for each part.
Then when I bring the jam to their school, we’ll all play our songs together.
I’ll record kids playing the parts at jams, and we’ll make a for-sale album with a million credits (all proceeds go to spreading the jam, volunteer performance).

The fourth agenda-
I’ll roam for street folk, asking if they’ll jam for a minute, then I’ll leave ’em with a harp, piano, or battery, so they’ll have a legit way to earn donations, rather than being limited to corrosive begging.

For more frequent events, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon:


Author: CGBuckner

Christopher Buckner attended several colleges in the Western Washington area, and studied philosophy at University of Washington. He has a history of entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical philosophy, exploration, and grandiose undertakings. He has two children, Tyler and Jaina, which live with their mother in California.

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