Christopher George Buckner is an author, artist, inventor, musician, and tradesman.
He attended several colleges in the greater Seattle area, and has a history studded with entrepreneurship, creativity, and adventure.

Christopher is in the habit of jamming, and with a Philosophy undergrad degree he plans to become a music teacher. You might see him in the Seattle area as an avid karoke player.

About Let’s Jam!

Chris attended University of Washington, studying philosophy, and like most philosophers, he was bent on changing the world; teaching critical thinking to youngsters, was his mission. After a few years he found that his idealism wasn’t changing anything, except himself.

He had the idea for Let’s Jam, while stomping up a big hill during a Thousand Mile bicycle ride, from Seattle to Sacramento (the single-speed bike he had chosen did not fare well going uphill “Thank goodness for this two-wheeled, bicycle-shaped cart!”).

Having just participated in his first drum-circle, Chris, had the sudden epiphany that all the important skills could be gained by playing music together; everyone gets raised a level.
Grand, yes, but he had found a way to transmit his love to the world.

The Let’s Jam! setup is at Greenlake Aqua Theater, in Seattle, on many Sundays.

The vision took 3 years to fully realize considering the slow, metered steps of a father working full-time to support his two children.

“Let’s Jam! served a multitude of purposes, from the very beginning. I love playing music with people, playing with kids, and doing good work. Every day gets better.”
– Christopher Buckner

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