It’s survival of the most adaptive, out here folks.  Don’t kid yourselves about illusions of peace; you’re witnessing evolution.
In our time, the measure of evolutionary success isn’t having many children, but having the ability to provide for many children.  

This means that in a competitive world, to propagate our DNA, we must struggle in the dominance heirarchy.  In antiquity, dominance was determined by physical strength and agility; now it is determined by intellectual prowess.
As I child I liked watching old sitcoms, and of my favorites was Gilligan’s Island.  On the show, to keep everyone alive and comfortable, one character was constantly thinking and creating, and talking about it.  My life has been a strikingly similar story.

Looking back, The Professor was one of my best teachers.

The Professor has been described as a polymath.  The term, according to Webster, denotes a person of encyclopedic learning.  If you read carefully, you’ll see that it has nothing to do with innate ability—it simply requires an unquenchable thirst for growth.
Nearly anyone has the capacity to be a polymath, just like nearly anyone can be a genius. And when the going gets tough, one may even become the hero of seven castaways, all it takes is drive.
So, read an encyclopedia page every day, and before long, you’ll be a professor.
I’ll see you at the top,

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Making Time

Today, I got up at 3:30am for:
30 minutes of writing in The Bicycle Cure, then 30 minutes of piano free-jamming (a rad tune popped out), then 10 minutes of meditaton.
I was tired for a minute, but then I found myself smiling.  

Best morning routine, yet.
Then, I broke my fast with some oatmeal, and wrote a bit for my standup act.

And by the time I got in the car to head to the jobsite, I wrote a poem about education. 
“It has been foretold, that if you rise early and assume your rightful responsibility as creator, then you shall be as stone Mario riding a t-rex.” 
Seize the day, you’ll be dead soon,


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​How to manifest

-Get crystal clear on the benefits and who they benefit

-Brainstorm on the topic of why these benefits matter

-Read that developed brainstorm every morning

-Brainstorm on the topic of existing manifestations (objects in the world) that fit those benefits

-Look around thoroughly for parts of the fitting manifestations, that you can a plan a path to using

-Brainstorm on the topic of ways to tie the parts together, and what needs to be created

-Brainstorm on the topic of steps aimed at tying, and of creating

-Commit to taking small steps, every day

-Reward yourself for action

-Repeat entire process at regular intervals

-Be patient and find a groove; you’re in this for the long-game

-Visualize an archer with a new bow.  An arrow slightly misses the mark, but the shot teaches her so much about the bow.  Rather than spend a moment sulking, she quickly draws another and lets her will unconsciosly guide the arrow.  That next one is exponentially closer to the bull’s eye, but that archer doesn’t quit when she fails, and she doesn’t quit when she’s successful—growth is her aim, and on that path there’s no room for being down.  Another arrow is drawn, she takes a slow breath, closes her eyes, and fires a dead-center shot.

Get it,

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​Created Equal

“All men are created equal.”

This is true in the sense that all things are created under the same properties of reality. Creation and manifestation are different; manifestation is the act of producing something according to a predetermined plan, and an act of creation includes both plan creation and path of action creation. The blueprint or plan is ideal before manifestation but in the process the product necessarily degrades in the according to its environment. All things in nature progressed in complexity according to their need for survival and as such, ones with more advanced planning, blueprinting, or programming have a more complex product to plan to build, and good environments which encourage growth can make the most of that blueprint or plan. I agree with Terence McKenna that we are in control of our genes by the choices we make. For example if I might decide that it’s good idea to move to Alaska, to make a living and I start a family there. However the work that I find is with toxic chemicals. I die early of illness related to work and my children are exposed to varying degrees as well.  50% of my children mutate in such a way to adapt to the chemicals, while the remaining 50% wither. Now the evolutionarily adapted-to-environment genes which survives in the 50% of the children that I have, is allowed to replicate.  Or at least replicate more well, because it’s allowed to get older before death; they might still both reproduce, but living longer after just the act of reproduction encourages that you give your offspring proper upbringing programming chances.  WIth a healthy father, children will have more financial success, as opposed to the father being a financial burden if they die younger from chemicals. 

So we are created equal by a God, or nature or a fancy robot computer that keeps us in The Matrix; we’re created equally, but our total creation and manifestation includes differences.  It seems pretty standard throughout history that unusual,different stronger, more aggressive individuals gets squashed back into the mold. And also it’s wise to note that there are some massive differences between people, though we may all look very similar due to conformity. Some are smarter some are stronger, some are faster some are more clever, ome more more sneaky, some have better training and upbringing, etc… So the end result is that the prohibitions are for mediocre or average citizen, and the exceptional are allowed to rule. In this way we are evolutionarily selecting for exceptional people under the guise of egalitarianism.  Our modern system allows nearly everyone in the western world to have one or several children, and allows for Upward Mobility for self-improvement in an overall a very satisfying life, passing their DNA (determined by life choices), but the exceptional go on to insert their DNA programming into the mind of the entire culture. There are examples of negative insertion, but by and large the shared desire for individual survival allows, primarily, the most-self-interested-for-the most-people ideas to be adopted. 

What better game is there to play than this?! It’s fun to play and great exercise, and if you do it well, a portion of you will be in the hearts of everyone in the world. If you do it badly, you’ll barely be recognized at all.  So Lean Forward and run; once you have momentum, all you have to do is pick up your feet and put them down, in order to keep yourself up—then you’re flying.  You might trip a bit more often than when strolling along, but the best stuff I’ve learned has been because I’ve out-ran my legs, smashed myself and had to rebuild harder, better, faster, stronger.  
Why do we smash ourselves? So we can build ourselves anew.

Break a leg,


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Cowboys and Indians

What makes many people have a deep-seated love of movies portraying the Old West?
My intuition is that many look to films of that era for something of a lesson in how to be alive.  Folks lived hard, did things in an archaic and manual way, and faced this gritty challenge with nary a sniffle.
In Westerns, we also find depictions of the archetypal war between the known and unkown, technology and archaism, the made-strong-by having-to-be and the made-weak-by-reliance-on-technology.
The West was conquqered, not with guns, but with mind; the guns and technology were just the current manifestation of minds working together and creating.  The indigenous people had very little reason to evolve; their technology was adequate in hunting, and in war with similar competitors.  The Northern Europeans however, played a game of musical chairs, with not enough resources to satisfy the populous, it quickly became a vicious and cut-throat game for survival.  While the indigenes were learning to love their environment, heal, and progress as nearly free men, the Europeans were huddled into protected kingdoms to compete in a Darwinian way.
We might ask, “Why is this so?”
It’s been said that, “Hard times breed strong people. Strong people sow good times.  Good times breed weak people.  And finally, weak people sow destruction.”

The natives were strong enough to sow good times, and they were wise with their time in caring for themselves and their environment, but in much less competition, they were evolutionarily lagging behind the accelerated Europeans.
Whenever you’re frustrated, you might take a breath, look around, and express gratitude for how you’re being made stronger and wiser only by those moments.

Keep balance,


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    In Fact, There Are No Facts

    Currently in the zeitgeist, is the dichotomy between consensus-reached “facts” and “alternative facts.”  

    But what is a fact?  Webster defines “fact” with 5 entries, the first two using the word to denote an action, and the subsequent three meaning actual.  It seems the common denominator in both definitions, is the act.  What determines something as actual is that it is acted into the world, rather than existing disembodied as an idea.  So another way to see it is that a fact is a manifestation, something that actually happened in the world.  

    But how are we verifying manifestations?  The scientific method, which is applied reasoning, is limited to disproving.  No thing can be proven, but we feel as though, because no one was able to disprove a thing, then it becomes something of true reality.  That would add up if we were infallible, but what if we’re all retarded?  How would we know otherwise?

    My first philosophy professor, Dr Thomas Grimes, noted that, “The best of a bunch of bad ideas is still a bad idea.”

    So you may hear someone say something like, “The Earth is a globe, I can’t believe people think otherwise, the majority agrees.”  This person has tipped their hand—they are actually pragmatists, and as such, the philosophy they live by, dictates that a thing is true if they get fed out of the deal.  It is important to note that this is wholy different from real verification that a thing is true.

    It seems true to my intuition that the Earth is a globe.  It also seems true that the Earth we can access is flat.  

    I love it.  I don’t like being sure of things; it’s an ego’s lie, and cannot be real.

    Find your wonder tonight; note how we can’t really know.

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    Success is Steady Progress Toward a Worthy Goal

    From back to front:

    Ten of the sixteen books I have in progress, a few of my adventure journals (including where the books where hatched: Moldy Green in center), and a couple years old letters that I wrote to my kids. 🙂 Please visit, and subscribe to my website: MyReprogramming.com
    Thanks for reading; I love it!
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    ​Brain Hack

    I was talking to my young cousin, Rylee, the other day, and said, “I bet in your lifetime people will be able to plug a computer into their brain, and reprogram it to work better and faster.”  I later researched it, and found mostly natural ways to push your mind to the next level.  It was a bit refreshing in a world where technology seems to be the usual answer. This reminded me that I read a book over the summer called,  ” You’re Smarter Than You Think You Are.”  The thrift-store find immediately hooked me.  Up front, the idea of a set and limited IQ is debunked, and it later included hundreds of fun puzzles, SAT questions, and exercises to stretch your brain. 
    I had been in the habit of working crossword puzzles as a way to stretch my brain, for years, having my grandfather propose the idea to me.  We worked three crossword puzzles, passing them back and forth, every morning during my foundational year at Penninsula College, and his final year of life.  I’m very glad for that time.
    Later, I decided to become ambidextrous.  I began doing all my crossword puzzles with my non-dominant left hand and it was a further exercise.  You have no idea how far into my being, my grandfather’s practical philosophy of self-imposed stretching and growing, has seeped.  It’s been a most wonderous virus.  Thanks, grumps.  🙂

    So you can wait a few more years for a stripped-down, consumer version of a brain hacking device, which will no doubt be confined to only a squashed-down version of what can be achieved. Or you can get in the habit of stretching your own self (as oposed to being pulled along by the forceful means of Technology), and use the same tools people have been using for centuries.  In the Baroque era, classical music was used as a tool for hammering oneself into a higher level of consciousness.  Typically, a theme melody was rehashed with different intervals and variations, and the audience would try and decode all of the happenings in each piece. Unfortunately, most of the music commonly listened to today, lacks this growth encouraging property.  As it probably also was in antiquity, only a relatively few are interested in growth; most people are in the habit of seeking peace, while growth is akin to a state of war. Incidently, I don’t think equilibrium is more than a bird’s-eye interpretation; under the illusion of stagnancy, lies a perfectly matched competition.

    It’s great to note that there are many artists, in today’s age, which explore the territory of expanding consciousness.  These artists use linguistic metaphors to break down mental blocks, multicultural sounds to dissolve cultural barriers, and various samples and synthesizers to stretch one’s attention and focus to encompass a much larger perspective.  

    In order to use either type of music, the method would be to pick any repeating sound, next add another to pay attention to, then another, and so on.  

    Actually, you can do this with nearly anything; start paying attention to one, then two…  When you get to really “see” each feature of an image, and then add a slight sway so that you can be aware of the reflection from lighting, then you’ll be acid, my friend, and when you look into eyes you’ll see them dilate.  

    Woah.  Too much?
    The post-post-modern age may be slightly lacking in the mainstream use of the old methods of stretching, and it even offers some new Lazy Man’s cheats, but it also offers some amazing ways to grow your brain, if you’re aware, and if you’re willing to push.

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    Nothing Can Be Changed

    Nothing can be changed.

    Objects change of themselves in nature. Directed change requires creation and destruction
    Because ‘no thing’ is objectless, it is as effortless to change as one’s mind.

    Objects form after concepts, and this is how we can change the manifest reality; by birthing new reality in supreme realization of our imagination.

    The original alchemists, we turn leaden ideas into gilded acts.
    Nothing can be changed.

    And that means we can change everything.


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    Welcome, friend.

    I’m Christopher, and I’ll be your captain on a few flights.

    Very quickly, it’ll only be you at the stick.  If the thought of being completely responsible for a safe flight, or conversely a devastating crash, sends a cold shiver down your spine, you’re just who I’m here for.

    The way this site works is as a vessel for my mind to interact with yours.  The technology is merely a means to an end; the ideas are where the meat is.  I have some powerful ideas because I think a lot, write a lot, talk a lot, listen a lot, and apply a lot.  But you, you have the most interesting thing to me; your unique ideas, concepts, and experiences.  Please share with me, as our sharing is the whole purpose of this site.

    I’ll be discussing the myriad of different ways we can interpret the things we deal with, and how we can flourish in playing the same virtual reality game that organized societies have played for 10,000+ years.  As you learn to program your own mind, you’ll face the biggest fears your mind has to offer, and walk through the door to a new, more genuine you. You’ll suddenly see how you’ve led life in self-imposed prison of limitations.  It’s not that you planned that prison, but it was only you that could have laid the bricks.

    Please be present and savor the content that I create for you, as I will certainly savor your communication.

    Happy Reprogramming!

    -C G Buckner