If I get slightly less sleep than I want, repeatedly create, and fill my brain with positivity, I get a little off the chain.
The first time this teen-wolf action occurred, I had just started a business, was deep into philosophy during my junior year at UW, and had my 10 and 8 year old kids visiting for their month with me in July. “Time to expand your world-view, guys.”  We sailed to Canada and back, went biking and hiking, and they went with me, one a time, on service calls.  It was a fantastic finish.

Two weeks later, I was in jail, had a broken rib or two, and had my kids taken back by their mother.

After explaining to my kids the many virtues of courage and doing the right thing, even though it’s usually harder, I decided to call my mom.  Though she’s let herself get into the habit of being pretty mean and nasty, both to others and herself, I had largely made the decision to break contact with her in solidarity with my even further abused younger brother.  

I called her and said, “I stopped talking to you for a reason; you’re destructive, and I couldn’t deal with it.  I forgive you and want a relationship with you, but I need you to respect my boundaries.”

She agreed, and was moved to tears at me reconnecting with her.

I continued, “I’ve been rethinking a lot of things, lately.  And I feel pressured by dad’s side of family to believe that you’re crazy or something.  It’s possible that that your aggressive nature got them to label you as a monster, and any defense would add to their previously-held beliefs.”

Well, that undermining of the family’s party line, plus my silver-tongue, philosophical training, and ridiculous energy, led papa to justify attacking me and breaking two of my ribs, in front of my children.  Next to have me arrested for domestic violence, uniting with my grandfather to say that I attacked each of them.  Naturally the police didn’t like my panicked and trying to be strong attitude, so four of them beat the shit out of me, also in front of my kids.
Phew.  They’re gonna have some stories…
The event was used to leverage away all my custody and my tiny visitation time.
It’s been kind of a devastating five years.
Part of the time period has been learning to control my werewolf nature, and that has been an exciting journey.  I’ve done amazing thing and advanced in amazing ways, I only hope I get to pass down a bridle to Tyler and Jaina.
Jaina just became a teenager.
Look out,
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Often, people can’t seem to break their routines.  Though it would be easily done, something prevents their change.
The world is in a constant state of change, so I doubt that it’s the culprit.  The body is always changing, and it’s effects are obvious.
The mind is changing, but we have the capacity to ignore that one.  In order to fulfill our wish for permanence, we leverage where we can.  Willful ignorance wouldn’t seem real without imagining that it was not chosen.

And thus our self-hypnosis begins—the unfortunate aim is self-delusion and schizophrenia.
We are what we habituate.

Hypnotize yourself often with positive thinking, or let your lower, reptilian brain control you…
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A Failure

I’ve made peace with a dirty and long-hidden side of myself—my unconscious will to failure.

When things get really stressful, a part of me wants to crumble.
I understand why I would have this emotion.  This is my devil.
Succeeding takes enormous investment, while giving up requires no more. 

Success involves stress and painful growth, while turning a blind eye does not.

Becoming a master consists of setting ever loftier goals as achievements are made, while coasting or descending trades hard work for easy pleasure.
If you’re a utilitarian, you might look at this side-by-side comparison and vote for higher-pleasure failure.  But if you look further into the future, you’d note that, though initially worse, success offers more and higher quality pleasure.  
Work renews the body, mind and spirit, while idling breeds weakness, senility, and apathy.

Failure ceases the need and desire to work, and without working we become weak.  When we stop creating and aspiring, playing as God incarnate, we become our alternate persona: a devolved weak devil, bent on death.
Additionally, we find comfort in failure because it’s the only way we’ve ever learned or grown.  An appropriate mix of success and failure is required for a great life.
So it seems our wires are crossed; success and failure both offer pleasure. You can reprogram your will to reincentivise success and decentivise failure, or you can exercise your will to handle the conflict.  I suggest both.
Don’t believe me; think.


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It’s survival of the most adaptive, out here folks.  Don’t kid yourselves about illusions of peace; you’re witnessing evolution.
In our time, the measure of evolutionary success isn’t having many children, but having the ability to provide for many children.  

This means that in a competitive world, to propagate our DNA, we must struggle in the dominance heirarchy.  In antiquity, dominance was determined by physical strength and agility; now it is determined by intellectual prowess.
As I child I liked watching old sitcoms, and of my favorites was Gilligan’s Island.  On the show, to keep everyone alive and comfortable, one character was constantly thinking and creating, and talking about it.  My life has been a strikingly similar story.

Looking back, The Professor was one of my best teachers.

The Professor has been described as a polymath.  The term, according to Webster, denotes a person of encyclopedic learning.  If you read carefully, you’ll see that it has nothing to do with innate ability—it simply requires an unquenchable thirst for growth.
Nearly anyone has the capacity to be a polymath, just like nearly anyone can be a genius. And when the going gets tough, one may even become the hero of seven castaways, all it takes is drive.
So, read an encyclopedia page every day, and before long, you’ll be a professor.
I’ll see you at the top,

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Making Time

Today, I got up at 3:30am for:
30 minutes of writing in The Bicycle Cure, then 30 minutes of piano free-jamming (a rad tune popped out), then 10 minutes of meditaton.
I was tired for a minute, but then I found myself smiling.  

Best morning routine, yet.
Then, I broke my fast with some oatmeal, and wrote a bit for my standup act.

And by the time I got in the car to head to the jobsite, I wrote a poem about education. 
“It has been foretold, that if you rise early and assume your rightful responsibility as creator, then you shall be as stone Mario riding a t-rex.” 
Seize the day, you’ll be dead soon,


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​How to manifest

-Get crystal clear on the benefits and who they benefit

-Brainstorm on the topic of why these benefits matter

-Read that developed brainstorm every morning

-Brainstorm on the topic of existing manifestations (objects in the world) that fit those benefits

-Look around thoroughly for parts of the fitting manifestations, that you can a plan a path to using

-Brainstorm on the topic of ways to tie the parts together, and what needs to be created

-Brainstorm on the topic of steps aimed at tying, and of creating

-Commit to taking small steps, every day

-Reward yourself for action

-Repeat entire process at regular intervals

-Be patient and find a groove; you’re in this for the long-game

-Visualize an archer with a new bow.  An arrow slightly misses the mark, but the shot teaches her so much about the bow.  Rather than spend a moment sulking, she quickly draws another and lets her will unconsciosly guide the arrow.  That next one is exponentially closer to the bull’s eye, but that archer doesn’t quit when she fails, and she doesn’t quit when she’s successful—growth is her aim, and on that path there’s no room for being down.  Another arrow is drawn, she takes a slow breath, closes her eyes, and fires a dead-center shot.

Get it,

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​Created Equal

“All men are created equal.”

This is true in the sense that all things are created under the same properties of reality. Creation and manifestation are different; manifestation is the act of producing something according to a predetermined plan, and an act of creation includes both plan creation and path of action creation. The blueprint or plan is ideal before manifestation but in the process the product necessarily degrades in the according to its environment. All things in nature progressed in complexity according to their need for survival and as such, ones with more advanced planning, blueprinting, or programming have a more complex product to plan to build, and good environments which encourage growth can make the most of that blueprint or plan. I agree with Terence McKenna that we are in control of our genes by the choices we make. For example if I might decide that it’s good idea to move to Alaska, to make a living and I start a family there. However the work that I find is with toxic chemicals. I die early of illness related to work and my children are exposed to varying degrees as well.  50% of my children mutate in such a way to adapt to the chemicals, while the remaining 50% wither. Now the evolutionarily adapted-to-environment genes which survives in the 50% of the children that I have, is allowed to replicate.  Or at least replicate more well, because it’s allowed to get older before death; they might still both reproduce, but living longer after just the act of reproduction encourages that you give your offspring proper upbringing programming chances.  WIth a healthy father, children will have more financial success, as opposed to the father being a financial burden if they die younger from chemicals. 

So we are created equal by a God, or nature or a fancy robot computer that keeps us in The Matrix; we’re created equally, but our total creation and manifestation includes differences.  It seems pretty standard throughout history that unusual,different stronger, more aggressive individuals gets squashed back into the mold. And also it’s wise to note that there are some massive differences between people, though we may all look very similar due to conformity. Some are smarter some are stronger, some are faster some are more clever, ome more more sneaky, some have better training and upbringing, etc… So the end result is that the prohibitions are for mediocre or average citizen, and the exceptional are allowed to rule. In this way we are evolutionarily selecting for exceptional people under the guise of egalitarianism.  Our modern system allows nearly everyone in the western world to have one or several children, and allows for Upward Mobility for self-improvement in an overall a very satisfying life, passing their DNA (determined by life choices), but the exceptional go on to insert their DNA programming into the mind of the entire culture. There are examples of negative insertion, but by and large the shared desire for individual survival allows, primarily, the most-self-interested-for-the most-people ideas to be adopted. 

What better game is there to play than this?! It’s fun to play and great exercise, and if you do it well, a portion of you will be in the hearts of everyone in the world. If you do it badly, you’ll barely be recognized at all.  So Lean Forward and run; once you have momentum, all you have to do is pick up your feet and put them down, in order to keep yourself up—then you’re flying.  You might trip a bit more often than when strolling along, but the best stuff I’ve learned has been because I’ve out-ran my legs, smashed myself and had to rebuild harder, better, faster, stronger.  
Why do we smash ourselves? So we can build ourselves anew.

Break a leg,


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